Case Studies

Client: Large retail chain, Hyderabad

Our IT Environment

We have multi platform environment hosting SAP, SQL and Exchange applications. Total number of servers consolidated to 20.

Backup Solution Components

Symantec Netbackup and EMC Data Domain

Backup and Recovery Challenges

  • Huge capacity growth
  • Backup times started exceeding designated backup windows
  • Performance degradation of front end applications
  • Need for a reliable backup solution
  • Need Centralized backup and recovery solution
  • Require faster recovery solution

Storsol's Solution

We were not satisfied with the existing native backup methodology on place. This posed many risks in terms of recoverability. There were no centralized backups in place and a traditional tape backup methodology was used. With the data residing on tapes, any physical damage to tapes would result in data loss and significantly impact the recoverability posture in case of major outages in production environment. It affects the store's ability to function properly.

Storsol evaluated our IT environment and developed a framework to build an effective backup solution. An efficient and robust disk based backup solution was developed taking into consideration all our pain areas and compliance requirements.

We were extremely delighted by the solution. Following a very smooth deployment of the solution, Storsol delivered on the promise of addressing all our pain areas. Our backup data volumes reduced, restore durations were drastically reduced and there was no single instance of application performance degradation.

Storsol enabled us to provide flawless services to our customers. We began to run our stores effectively which helped to boost overall performance of the company.


Storsol's approach to our backup needs and pain areas significantly improved our recoverability posture. It also reduced the administration complexity by centralizing the backups. The restores are very quick now as the case with backups.

It has been a very warm experience working with Storsol. Thanks to their expertise in resolving our issues and stabilizing the backup infrastructure. We are looking forward to a long term relationship with Storsol.

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