Console Operations

System Operations consists of three Teams :-

Enterprise Monitoring:

The Enterprise Monitoring Team provides monitoring of all systems at our customer Data Center (CDC) 24x7x365 monitoring. In addition, this team provides operational support for all systems such as Initial Program Loads (IPLs), reboots, restarting services, dumping regions, stopping/starting databases, etc. The enterprise monitoring group provides operational support for disaster recovery, backups, and tape usage as well as maintains the z/OS automations tools such as CA Scheduler, NetView, and RDS.

Console Operations

Batch Operations Team:

The Batch Operations Team provides enterprise batch z/OS-server production processing, include batch job submission, output verification, and report distribution (hardcopy and electronic) along with providing technical support in job control language (JCL), abend support, and media management services as needed. The team provides 7x24x365 coverage of the monitored systems. Operations provide production print functions for the agencies we support which include the printing and distribution of high volume reporting from both the z/OS and network environment. Other responsibilities include providing production form development, implementation and updating which produces numerous documents used in communication for our client.

Scheduling Team:

The scheduling Team controls production batch z/OS-server automation utilizing any enterprise scheduler utility software, which automates production job streams to eliminate the need for manual intervention to production job control language (JCL). This component also provides the ability to automate date and dataset name parameter changes for ease of submission.

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