Storage and Backup Recovery Deployment Solutions

At Storsol we help strengthen your storage and backup recovery environment by providing the right solutions for your business.

Backup & Recovery Solutions

Cloud based enterprise backup solutions

Cloud based backup solutions provide our clients with the flexibility of backing up their data offsite without any upfront capital expense and with the advantage of also not worrying about managing their backup environments. As a team of experts will be available to monitor and manage your enterprise data backup. Storsol has partnered with industry leaders E-Vault to help provide the best solution to suit your environment

Implementation of Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solutions

Our team of experts deploy the best Backup and Recovery technology which will help our clients IT infrastructure. Be it LAN based backups or LAN free backups and agents to support all databases our architects will ensure we leave no stone unturned in developing a solution that will meet our clients requirements Our team of experts will also help in providing the best Disaster Recovery solutions be it tape based or using replication between VTL's to ensure that our clients data is protected even if the primary site is impacted. We also use de-duplication technologies which helps drive cost down and still meet the retention requirements of our clients.