Cloud Services

At Storsol we help strengthen your storage and backup recovery environment by providing the right solutions for your business.

Cloud Infrastructure strategy and design

Cloud computing is about the ability to share IT resources more efficiently. Thus, the core objective of IT, and specifically the CIO, should be to understand the value that this technology can bring to their enterprise or government agency.

We help in strategizing the use of cloud computing technology, and suggest a process to create and implement your own enterprise cloud strategy for your organization

We will focus on the creation of a cloud computing strategy that defines a sound cloud infrastructure management approach, and selection of the right enabling technology.Additionally, we will focus on the vision of cloud computing, or, how to understand the systemic value of this shift in IT, and how to drive more efficiency into your IT infrastructure over time.

We will do this by walking through the process of creating a cloud computing strategic roadmap for your organization, or a plan that will ensure additional strategic IT efficiencies, using cloud computing as a strategic enabling technology.

Cloud Backup Services

Online backup solutions are not just for laptops anymore. The best modern enterprise cloud backup services are able to deliver complete backup & DR functionality for multi-platform server environments with data sizes up to 100TB and beyond.

Key factors while evaluating a cloud based backup solution

  • Performance: Performance is the Achilles heel of practical cloud backup in the real world. Test performance in your environment, the biggest mistake is to buy without trying.
  • Cost: Evaluations of cloud backup cost work best when the total costs are compared, not only the teaser price per-GB-per-month.
  • Security: Checking that data is encrypted in flight and at rest in the data center. Also look for audited data handling standards like SSAE-16.
  • Local backup capability: This is an obvious part of enterprise backup, a must have.
  • VM and Physical server backup capability: To be considered among the best enterprise backup solutions, a product should be able to backup both server types.
  • Disaster Recovery: This is why offsite backup is done in the first place. Best practice is to evaluate recovery performance during implementation.
  • Archiving: Not the most critical component but large amounts of company data are never accessed, and storing it offsite frees up primary storage.
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