Virtualization Solutions

Today's IT infrastructure demands agility. IT needs to be able to adjust to changes in your business, from your customers, and Storsol offers a range of virtualization solutions designed to help your business be more agile.

Server Virtualization

Save capital, floor space, and energy by consolidating multiple workloads onto fewer physical servers. The traditional Physical server model ties up valuable capital, drains operational resources and is typically underutilized. Storsol helps solution your IT infrastructure with server virtualization technologies which can help you achieve new efficiencies by reducing the number physical machines required, streamlining maintenance and management and laying the foundation for a more resilient, dynamic infrastructure.


  • Better utilize new and existing servers to conserve capital
  • Reclaim valuable floor space in the data center
  • Reduce server energy consumption and cooling requirements
  • Simplify maintenance and management tasks
  • Improve reliability and availability to support higher service levels

Server virtualization drives up utilization rates and drives down costs, but it also helps you to achieve the flexibility you need to pursue competitive advantage. Whether this means simply cutting costs to support the bottom line, or reinvesting the savings to support new services and improve existing offerings.

Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization is a critical component of IT virtualization. Benefits of server virtualization such as improved utilization, flexibility, responsiveness, workload mobility and disaster recovery can be limited if only part of the infrastructure is virtualized. Storage virtualization is also one of the foundations for effective cloud deployment and software defined infrastructures. IBM offers a variety of storage virtualization solutions to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

Storsol partners with industry leading Storage Virtualization providers and will help solution the right fit for your organization

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