What We Do?

What We Do?

Storsol's mission is to ensure our client's success by doing it the right way, every time. Our broad experience in various vertical industries and best practices repository allow us to offer faster solutions to our clients. JOIN US



Working with an experienced partner to supplement your existing offering will increase your share of business opportunities, improve productivity and close sales faster.

Today’s successful IT Solution Providers have a team of Partners providing specialist consulting and engineering services, positioning them with a strategic advantage to win and service more business.

Storsol is committed on working with Partners to provide professional and reliable end-to-end solutions for storage, backup & restore infrastructure based solutions.

The expertise Storsol brings to a partnership is supported by highly qualified and experienced engineers that has been achieved through many years in the IT industry.

Storsol has successfully partnered with many organisations, large and small. We work with IT Consultants, ISV's, Systems Integrators, Outsourcers and Resellers, enabling them to achieve greater success, increasing productivity and closing opportunities faster.

Working with Storsol brings you more than just technical resources. IT consultants who need a reliable implementation partner need look no further. Software vendors who understand the benefit of focusing on their core business and competencies - developing and implementing software applications - the value of a partner who understands infrastructure solutions can be invaluable. Systems Integrators / Outsourcing providers, large or small, understand the value of specialised expertise and the benefit of additional resources being available on demand.


Storsol aims to be the Trusted IT Partner of choice and would welcome the opportunity to discuss partnering with your company in more detail.

Let us help make your next project more successful.


Please Contact us at support@storsol.in